La Bastida de les Alcusses

Norms and recommendations

The site of La Bastida de les Alcusses is the property of the Valencian Cultural Heritage Board, and is protected by law. In order to ensure its preservation, please observe the rules outlined below throughout your visit.

Group visits must be booked in advance by phone
687 836 545 or 687 836 717.

Visits organized for profit are not allowed without municipal authorization.

Comfortable shoes should be worn during the visit. There are some gentle slopes, but there are no real problems of accessibility (although not all the site can be visited). Pushchairs can be used in much of the route.

Please help to conserve the site for another 2,400 years by following these simple rules:

- Upon arrival, park in the space provided for vehicles.

- Once inside the site, follow the paths and areas indicated.

- Respect the buildings. Climbing or leaning on walls is dangerous and may damage them.

- Do not remove any archaeological materials.

- The natural environment is part of the history of this site. Please respect it. Please throw any rubbish into the bins provided.

- Pets must be kept on a lead.

- Always follow the instructions of the staff at the site: they are qualified to give you any information you need and to help you during your visit.